10 Tips To Start Clean Eating Today


10 Tips To Start Clean Eating Today

Clean eating is based on a menu consisting of unprocessed meals which include better choices to sustain a healthy lifestyle. This translates to eating a diet that has – as the primary source of energy – whole foods. Vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains, along with healthy fats and proteins, will become the go-to foods while processed and unhealthy foods are removed from the pool of food choices.

With many different opinions and body reactions to foods, some recommendations can eliminate dairy, refined grains, and much more. The best way to find out what should or should not be in someone’s diet is to try and find out what the body wants and needs. This transition can be started by thinking if there is a healthier food that is enjoyed beside the one eaten normally and replacing it with the cleaner alternative.

With the stress induced by COVID-19 and the necessity to stay as much as possible in our homes, comfort eating has become a problem that can be hard to avoid. Below are some tips to help kickstart the process and help you lose some pounds.

1.   Pile on the Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and can help the stomach microbiome with an added benefit of maintaining your digestion to its highest potential. With a healthy microbiome, the ability to kill off infections and pathogens is elevated, the risk of autoimmune diseases is reduced and the mood and energy levels will be stabilized.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends adding more foods from this category, as 88% of Americans are not eating enough fruits while an astonishing 91% of them are not eating the necessary portions of daily vegetables, according to a study conducted in 2017. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables can help improve the chances of having a longer and healthier life by decreasing the risk for many diseases, such as heart diseases, obesity, cancer, and Type 2 diabetes.

Noom is an award-winning program that can be used to track the caloric intake and achieve the target weight, maintain it, and make overall educated healthy decisions. Providing access to a coach and a personalized program based on clean eating, Noom teaches how to add healthy habits to your daily life.

2.   Eat Local

Eating food produced locally will give the best value for the money while, at the same time, offering the cleanest products and supporting the local suppliers. Buying whole foods made locally will remove the fees for transport and packaging, ensuring the best quality and freshness at the same time.

3.   Limit Added Sugar and Sodium

Nowadays, sugar can be found in nearly every processed food. The recommended daily intake of sugar for a woman is 6 teaspoons and 9 for a man. Meanwhile, the average intake for a person in America is 28 teaspoons per day. Try to remove sugary drinks, sweets, and baked goods. With a whole food diet, sugar comes in packages along with fiber protein and fat that do no give the same insulin spike as added sugar.

The same thing can be applied sodium, as people are eating more than it is advised. Most of it comes from processed foods. To reduce salt intake, avoid packaged foods, and flavor the food with spices and herbs.

4.   Choose Ingredients from Ethically Raised Animals

Animals raised as livestock usually have a diet based on food that helps them grow faster rather than their natural diet. As they live in crowded spaces, they are given antibiotics to prevent infections and hormones to raise them quicker. This meat lacks the nutrients and the antioxidants found in the animals that are ethically raised.

5.   Read the Labels

Even food that is advertised as healthy usually has high amounts of sugar, preservatives, and more. Reading the label before buying an item could give away information that might change that decision.

6.   Limit Alcohol Intake

Alcohol consumption in high dosages and done often has been shown to help the apparition of multiple health problems. Liver diseases, digestive problems, and high levels of inflammation in the body are some of the problems that can appear over time. Keeping a clean eating routine and healthy lifestyle means that the consumption of these beverages should be moderate.

7.   Go Whole Grain

Whole grain means that the grain has not been taken through any process and it still has the entire grain kernel. These grains have all the nutrients that occur naturally and the process of digestion done in the body after consumption is slower and has beneficial effects for insulin and blood sugar.

Read the labels before buying whole-grain foods as the package can be misleading. Take a look at the ingredients if you want to receive the fiber and all the benefits that whole grain can provide.

8.   Eat Your Meals at the Same Time Every Day

Following regular eating habits has been shown to help reduce the possibility of weight gain. Also, having a plan for each day might help clean eating by knowing when your meal is due and increases the chances of having something prepared beforehand.

Nutrisystem boosts weight loss by offering a complete food program that is healthy and has all the nutrients needed. As a food delivery service that offers pre-packaged foods that can be customized to your needs, it minimizes the time spent planning and cooking by providing quality foods. Their programs are for everyone, no matter the individual’s age or nutritional needs.

9.   Eat Less Meat

With veganism demonstrated to be one of the healthiest lifestyles to date, eating less meat can improve blood pressure and keep heart diseases under control. Reducing the intake of meat per week can be done with no problem as protein could be taken as easily from other sources such as eggs, tofu, seeds, and nuts. By using foods rich in protein, it is easier to choose meat that has been ethically sourced.

10.                  Make Water Your Primary Beverage

With nothing added to it, water is the cleanest and healthiest beverage you can drink. Drinking water can also help maintain the body to a healthy weight. Tea and coffee are also good options if unsweetened as they add some more benefits.

The Bottom Line

Losing weight in these times can be pretty hard, but not impossible, especially with the help of Noom and NutriSystem. Noom will give you access to a coach while teaching the habits and routines of a healthy lifestyle, while NutriSystem delivers delicious high-quality food right at your doorsteps.



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