8 Useful Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Meal Delivery Service


Meal delivery services are the best choice for busy professionals nowadays. They come with everything customers need to create fresh, delicious meals without spending too much time in the kitchen as traditional cooking requires.

There are different tips that help people elevate their meal kit services, such as paying attention to the recipe thoroughly and freezing the leftovers, making for a quick on-the-go meal for another time. It is also great for trying new flavors, use their resources to build cooking skills and learn something new, and even choose dishes with the most expensive ingredients at no extra cost!

Tip 1: Subscribe to More Services

Meal delivery services are quite flexible, and they usually change their menus per week or even per month. It might be a great idea to subscribe to multiple services and choose the best dishes for the week if, for example, the menu from your current subscription does not appeal to you. This could also be useful for a larger family, in case different members wish to order a wide variety of dishes.

Some services are quite versatile, allowing customers to skip weeks or change their delivery dates. Others permit ordering fewer servings, which can be topped with another company’s offering for the week.

Tip 2: Try New Flavors

One of the main advantages of using a meal kit service is the variety. They often provide exotic dishes that would otherwise require a long shopping list and result in numerous leftovers. Some examples include spices and ingredients for ethnic dishes that would be cost-intensive. Services such as EveryPlate offer a great way of trying new flavors without overspending.

Another great perk of meal delivery services is that they might combine ingredients that people might naturally avoid. For instance, persimmon, figs, kale, and parsnips might not be on someone’s regular shopping list for the week, but they can make impressive dishes. Additionally, they can be used to diversify the diet and add important nutrients.

Tip 3: Choose the Most Expensive Ingredients

All meal delivery plans have a standard price, so choosing recipes with the most expensive ingredients at no added cost is a great perk. While not all companies provide this, some of them might allow their customers to select steaks, salmon, and other pricier ingredients for the same subscription plan.

It is best to carefully examine all the meals offered for the week or the month. Then, based on personal preferences, customers should choose the meals that sound the most exciting to them. Since they come for the same price, it is highly recommended to go for the recipes that include exotic, rare ingredients (if possible), and elevate the meal kit experience.

Tip 4: Pay Attention to the Recipe

Most delivery services offer kits with detailed instructions. Some recipes might have the customer prepare sauces or the entire meal from scratch. In order to avoid making mistakes and having to discard ingredients, it might be useful to pay attention to the recipe and read it a few times before starting to cook.

Additionally, some dishes require different ingredients to be cooked at the same time, or in the same pan. Rushing through the instructions might not be ideal when preparing dishes, so it is best to ensure that each step is followed accordingly to enjoy a delicious meal.

Tip 5: Freeze the Leftovers

Meal delivery companies provide quite generous portion sizes, especially when it comes to stews and soups. It might be counterproductive to postpone cooking the other recipes for the week, as the ingredients do not remain fresh for a long time.

Therefore, it is best to freeze the leftover meals and cook the rest of the recipes for the week, without letting the ingredients go bad. The leftover food that is frozen can then be used as quick, on-the-go meals at any time, or become a cost-efficient lunch at work.

Tip 6: Build Cooking Skills

Apart from the opportunity of creating new and delicious recipes with minimum efforts, meal kit services usually provide detailed blogs and video tutorials. It is a great chance for subscribers to make use of these resources, learn new techniques, and even experiment with higher difficulty dishes.

These free articles and additional information can be used not only by cooking enthusiasts but also to find out trendy cooking ideas. The blogs usually follow world-renowned chefs who discuss new recipes, demonstrate basic cooking skills, and more.

Tip 7: Organize the Meals

When the meal kit is delivered, all the ingredients for the entire week are usually packed into only one box. To save time during the week, it is best to organize and divide the ingredients according to their designated meals. Furthermore, some dishes might require the same basic ingredients, so it is the perfect occasion to portion all the contents from inside the meal kit.

We suggest using clean containers for each recipe as this will significantly decrease the cooking time throughout the week.

Tip 8: Delivery to the Workplace

For singles or busy professionals, life might be spent more at work than at home. In this case, it is recommended to have the meal kit delivered to the workplace instead. During the hot weather, it is not a good choice to leave the fresh food in the sun for a long time, and the food might even come in handy at the office, too. If there are easy, 10-minute preparation dishes, lunch at work becomes easier than ever.

The Bottom Line

Overall, meal delivery services offer a great opportunity to save time on one of the most important aspects of a person’s life – nutrition – without compromising on freshness and quality. These eight useful tips should be followed to improve the experience and make the best out of your chosen meal delivery service.

Whether people prefer local dishes or exotic tastes, these methods can be applied for any meal delivery brand, and some of them are also efficient in decreasing waste and cutting costs.

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