Think of us as your personalized decision assistant.

At Compare Guroo our goal is to empower consumers to make smart and personalized decisions.

At Compare Guroo our goal is to empower you to make smart and personalized decisions. With our innovative tools and proprietary technology, we put the power in your hands to get matched with the right product for you.

Making decisions can be stressful and we often make the wrong decisions, leading to regret and lower utility on our hard-earned dollars. Unlike other comparison review sites, we seek to understand what is important for you and what drives your decisions. We make it simple for you to make calculated decisions that will take the stress out of comparing and deciding.

We are only human and as humans we have many cognitive biases that make it difficult and stressful to make decisions. However, research has shown that with the right tools and methods we can overcome these biases and make better decisions.

Compare Guroo gives you the tools and guidance to make optimal and stress-free decisions.

Many comparison review sites provide information and scores that are not fully transparent or accurate. Moreover, the scoring system is general and not personalized for your unique situation and your needs.

Did you know?

Decision algorithms have been used for decades by finance professionals in helping to determine how to best invest their clients money and also by large companies in comparing investment opportunities. We are bringing this same methodology to the mass consumer in simple and easy to use tools.

Unleashing the power of data for the masses.