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Overview is a merchant account provider that has been operating for over two decades. It is one of the most reliable credit card processing systems worldwide. offers the newest and boldest approach to payment processing we see in the market today. Now offering a business membership approach, business owners can access interchange plus one low cost per transaction on all their payment processing needs for one monthly cost. This is one of the most innovative and disruptive approaches to the traditional pricing model we’ve ever seen. While there have been flat rate options available in the market before, typically they have either been built for very small or very large businesses. offers 5 different plans options giving merchants of all sizes the opportunity to access this type of flat rate pricing model. What’s unique with this model is the more you process the more you’ll save. The only negative trade-off would seem to be flexibility we see to customize the account to your specific needs, but for merchants processing over $1,000 per month and are looking for simple savings, this is a solution you need to check out.


Very Good


Best For

  • Online businesses looking to accept a wider variety of credit card processing payments.
  • Land-based establishments seeking to include NFC (contactless) payments.
  • All types of businesses i.e. retail and restaurant

Not Suitable For

  • Larger-sized businesses
  • High-risk businesses


On’s company website, there are no explicit details relating to their pricing plans. It is suggested that prices are customized as merchants are encouraged to request a free quote from an account representative, this can be done by contacting the support team or through a submission form on the website. The only piece of detail regarding rates and fees is low rates which starts at 0.35%.

Many credit card processors offer interchange-plus pricing plans which determine the sliding monthly rate that the company will receive based on their processing volume (sales). For this reason, it is a likely option to be available at The brand works with thousands of companies in the US, most predominantly, smaller-sized businesses indicating that the fees and rates must be low and affordable.

Another plan that is popular in the industry is tiered pricing, and as the website clearly does not disclose their pricing strategies, this option is not completely ruled out. Essentially, tiered processing rates are higher than other fee structures, however, it would be easier for the merchant to comprehend the rates and fees than any other pricing plan, making it favorable for start-ups. There are three different buckets with tiered pricing: Qualified Rates, Mid-Qualified Rates, and Non-Qualified Rates. It is important to note is that Qualified Rate transactions usually come with the lowest fees. is confident that they offer the best rates amongst their competitors, so much so that they will give a $50 AMEX gift card to anyone who proves that another merchant account provider is offering a better rate. This company is one of the best in the US, and they carry the goal of ensuring that merchants are always satisfied with their service.

Key Features

  • Applications are processed by the issuing bank However, a high-risk merchant’s application will be sent to an alternate processing partner that specializes in their type of business.
  • A payment gateway is provided by which allows merchants to accept mail and telephone orders. It also supports subscriptions.
  • Simple Checkout (on the company website) guides online merchants, and non-profit or political organizations on how to set up “Donate” and “Buy“ buttons that can be linked to a payment page.
  • Free business management portal, provided by iAccess. It is great for transaction data analysis, online reputation management, and more.
  • Upon signing up, merchants will receive a card terminal either the Verifone or vX520. However, they must sign a 12-month agreement which includes a small fee. can reprogram terminals in the event of compatibility issues.
  • Card Readers are available for purchase or free with processing agreements, on the MobilePay application.
  • The full lineup of Clover point-of-sale systems. also offers a free Clover POS system for start-up businesses.


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Application Process

The application process is very quick and easy at There are a total of five steps and during the process, merchants will not be charged any fees.

  1. will request selected records from the merchant relating to their business from the last few months.
  2. The merchant’s credit card history will be checked, it is important that all the information collected are accurate and as many debts are resolved. If the merchant has a significant amount of debt, there’s a possibility that their account will not be approved. Banks can deny the application, especially merchants that are new in to their business. Therefore, it is recommended that the customers apply to more than one bank to increase the chances of their account getting approved.
  3. Merchants will be requested to fill out an application form with the following details: full name, phone number, e-mail address, and the name of their business.
  4. A list of references would then need to be attached to the form. A reference would be contacted to speak on behalf of the merchant, their business and success.
  5. It will take up to 24 hours for the application to be approved. Merchants will receive an update via email.

Customer Support

Merchants can get in touch with the customer support team any time of the day, all year-round.  Support is toll-free so merchants will not be charged for contacting a representative, no matter how long the phone call lasts. Alternatively on the website, there are a few helpful services available, including a glossary for credit card processing, informative resource articles for expanding and improving a business, and an FAQ section regarding the merchant’s account and experience.

Contact Details

Address: 128 Vision Park Blvd #300, Conroe, TX 77384

Phone: (888) 242-1685

Email: Online web form


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