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Flagship is a prominent merchant service company which is backed by the well-known and reputable BBVA Compass Bank. Having served over 100,000 customers since first starting out, this brand boasts a range of benefits – from no setup fees or contacts to flexible terms and low monthly rates. What’s more, Flagship is partnered with Paysafe, a leading company in the payment processing and business management software industry. Small and medium sized businesses will benefit the most from Flagship’s services, as there is ample room for them to get up and running when it comes to accepting credit cards and processing payments independently.

Our overall top-rated merchant service provider, Flagship stands out with product offerings and business management solutions that blow the competition out of the water. Merchants who would benefits from integrated solutions to manage their employees, taxes, inventory, vendors, even going as far as GPS appointment tracking or employee commission/tip management. Pricing is as competitive as we’ve seen in the market, which means you’re getting more for less.




Best for 

  • Small and medium-sized merchants
  • Self-owned businesses looking to grow by offering credit card payment methods
  • Businesses which don’t operate at a set premises or location

Not suitable for

  • Larger and more well-established merchants


Flagship offers bespoke rates and services to their clients based on what each merchant’s needs are. The process towards realizing this setup involves a phone conversation with a representative. Once the necessary information has been gathered, a customized rate will be produced. While there are no generic rates available, merchants can be advised that rates are often as low as 0.38% plus $0.19 per transaction.

In terms of basic pricing, while these figures can vary, there will be a monthly statement fee of around $7.95. The monthly gateway is only $7.95, and there are NO setup fees included. When it comes to credit card fees, the average discount rate is 0.38% – 1.58%, while the retail transaction fee is typically $0.19. As for the equipment cost, this will be variable depending on business needs.

Regarding online account fees where no card is present, the online discount rate is 0.98 -1.98% on average, while the gateway transaction fee is around $0.21. Meanwhile, the address verification fee could be in the region of $0.05.

Many merchants choose Flagship due to the lack of fee charges. While many competitors will charge setup fees, application fees, early termination fees and so on, this won’t be found with Flagship. This makes it easier for smaller and medium sized businesses to get started with credit card processing, as the worry about sudden bills coming up in these departments won’t be a factor. The other main perk with Flagship is that there are no long term contracts, so you can switch to another provider after a month or so if you no longer want to continue using the service. Similarly, while many Authorize.net customers will be charged a gateway setup fee, this isn’t the case with those who sign up for Flagship services. Finally, Flagship has security metrics in place to protect against identity theft, as well as preferred reseller security standing with Authorize.net, increasing their credibility and reputation in the industry.

Key Features

  • Accelerated Funding Program available to provide merchants with finances within hours on a daily basis. This feature extends to weekends and holidays, widening its appeal.
  • Potential to receive a free credit card terminal. Retail merchants can sometimes be provided with a terminal free of charge when they are going through the initial account setup process. Merchants should note that monthly account fees will contribute towards the terminal’s insurance and updates.
  • Choice of payment gateways for ecommerce businesses. These merchants can choose from either the Authorize.Net payment gateway or their own gateway service, which is called Expinet. Regardless of which one is chosen, there is a shopping cart function to make use of, as well as various APIs to customize site integration.
  • POS reprogramming is on offer; Flagship will reprogram terminals for merchants who choose to buy them at no extra cost. This comes with the initial account setup process.
  • Mobile processing is available for merchants who want to initiate payment processing on the go. Flagship has capabilities to provide businesses with the MobilePay app and card reader from Paysafe. This system can be used on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, there is now also a card reader which comes with it, and it is EMV-compliant.
  • Access to the MobilePay Merchant Portal for those who require mobile processing. This online system provides services such as inventory management and analytics reporting to name but a few. Some have compared it to one of the main competitors on the market – Square – and commented that the features are not as extensive, but merchants who are best suited to Flagship will no doubt find this portal hugely useful.
  • Flagship offers the Clover Suite line. This includes the all in one POS system, the Clover Station, Clover Mini, Clover Mobile and more.




Application Process

It’s quick and easy to get started with an application for Flagship. In fact, many have reported that the initial process has taken them no longer than a minute maximum to fill out the form. Once on the page, all merchants need to do is fill out basic information – which includes the name of the business, telephone number, type of account, website and average amount per sale – then submit it. 

The next stage involves a representative contacting the merchant to discuss customisation of rates and packaging. This process will benefit small and medium sized businesses who may not have an extensive range of information to hand, but want to get started with CCP as soon as possible. By including a simple application form, businesses who don’t have access to extensive information can wait to engage in discussions with representatives to form bespoke packages which suit them. 

A nice bonus with Flagship is that businesses with bad or no credit can apply for this credit card processing service and be in with a good chance of approval. As long as the merchant has a good sense of their average payment amounts, this information will be sufficient – meaning there is no need to submit files or scan in documents. 

Customer Support 

The Flagship Merchant Services site promotes customer support which is available around the clock. However, some merchants have reported that the quality of service is not as high outside of business hours, so it’s recommended to get in touch with an in-house representative during these times where possible. In many situations, Flagship will recommend contacting the processor directly, and it may be quicker in some cases to resolve a query by speaking with Paysafe or similar first.

The representative who assisted the merchant in their initial account setup will continue to be their main point of contact as a dedicated account manager. However, it’s possible to transfer to another representative if any issues are encountered.

Contact Details 

Address: 100 City Square, 4th Floor, Charlestown, MA

Phone: (888) 580-4685

Email: Online web form




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