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About Fresh & Easy

Home Chef’s subscribers have the pleasure of having pre-portioned meal kits of 2, 4, or 6 meals delivered onto their doorstep. The brand utilizes fresh ingredients to create meals for gluten-free, low calories, low carbs and vegetarian diets, which takes an average of 30 mins to cook.

Fresh & Easy is a new option provided by Home Chef and has proven to be a real time-saver. These kits include pre-prepared and measured ingredients and a complimentary pan, which is uncommon for most meal delivery services. All the customer needs to do is to unwrap the ingredients, place them in the pan and put them in the oven or grill for cooking. As a result, unlike Home Chef, Fresh & Easy streamlines the process, so customers can benefit from mouth-watering recipes without having to spend as much time on cooking and cleaning.


Very Good



  • Ingredients are pre-measured, cut and prepared
  • Includes complimentary pan
  • Fair price and a large variety of meals
  • Easier order and delivery process


  • Does not include plans for specific diets, vegans or paleo
  • High usage of plastic

Key Highlights

  • Fresh & Easy offers a better, easier and more time-saving experience for its customers. 
  • Pre-portioned meal kits of 2, 4, or 6 meals.
  • Provides 11 types of different meal every week to choose from.
  • Free delivery for orders over $45.
  • Extensive customer support such as a detailed FAQ, range of contact methods, and other useful online resources i.e. blog.

Plans & Pricing

Prices vary from $6.99 to $9.95 per portion. However, the $6,99 meals tend to be mainly salads, which would best suit those on restrictive diets. Otherwise, a full consistent meal can go up to $9.95. Fresh & Easy accepts several payment methods, including Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Discover, and Paypal. 

To place an order, customers are required to sign up to the platform using their email address, and then select how many meals and servings they would like to have per week. Afterward, you must choose one of the diets available, update payment information and shipping address and from there, you can start browsing and choosing your desired meals. The meals can be customized to taste as customers have the flexibility to exclude certain ingredients from their recipes.

The platform allows customers to include as many meals they wish without limitation, skip weeks or cancel without any sort of penalties applied, and are accepted at any time.

Every one of Fresh & Easy’s delicious meals has been freshly prepared by professional chefs, so you are guaranteed to enjoy tasty dishes all the time.

Ingredients Quality

Home Chef maintains its reputation of high-quality ingredients with this new meal kit plan, opting for seasonal produce whenever this is possible. 

Their chefs put a lot of effort into making sure all meals contain the right balance of nutrients to keep their clients healthy and happy. The list of nutritional values can be found on the recipe card that comes with the package or on their website regarding its carbohydrates, sodium, proteins, calories and fat levels. The information and detailed recipes are a good option for those who are under dietary restrictions such as low calorie, low carbs, or vegetarians as it helps them to pick their weekly meals that matches their exact needs.

Offering fresh ingredients and well-balanced meals, Fresh & Easy meals provide a wellness boost, a better immune system, and more energy for long days.

Delivery Service

Fresh & Easy offers the same excellent weekly delivery system as Home Chef, but with extra benefits such as extending its deliveries from 8 AM to 8 PM on all working weekdays. The delivery fee is $10 for orders under $49, whereas orders above this price are free of charge. Home Chef delivers to 98% of the US; in order to check a specific region, customers are required to enter their zip code during the registration process and the website will show whether delivery is available. 

Due to individually pre-portioned ingredients, Fresh & Easy utilizes plastic for packing, but they remain environmentally conscious where opportunity presents itself. The boxes are recyclable and they contain plenty of ice to keep all the ingredients fresh and intact until they can be refrigerated or cooked.

Recipe Variety

Fresh & Easy offers a large variety of ready-to-cook meals that are carefully prepared by chefs that can be enjoyed by the entire family. The brand delivers the meals right to your doorstep with fresh ingredients that have already been washed, cut, and packed into bags and pans that can either be grilled or reheated immediately. Despite that variety is somewhat lacking, there is still a few different cuisines to choose from such as Asian and Mexican, and most meals can be customized to meet the needs of the customer which makes it easier to reach most culinary or dietary preferences. The recipes also come with dressing and herbs to offer a distinctive flavor. 

Fresh & Easy provides 11 types of meals every week such as Express Meals, Oven Ready Meals, Slow Cooker Meals, Grill Ready Meals, and Entree Salads. 

Express meals will contain ingredients that are prepared and portioned, and ready to be cooked in 15 minutes or less. 

Oven ready meals have pre-portioned ingredients and a single-use oven tray. This is great for those who do not enjoy washing oven trays after dinner and saves a lot of time, both before and after preparation.

Slow cooker meals have ready-to-be-cooked ingredients that can be placed straight into a slow cooker. This is an important advantage for those who work long hours as slow cooking can take up to 6 hours. After it’s done cooking, the slow cookers should automatically switch to a ‘keep warm’ mode. It can be a resourceful way of cooking delicious meals, even when time is extremely limited.

Grill ready meals contain ingredients and grill safe bags. This means that no preparation is required in this scenario as well. 

Lastly, entrée salads have fresh and nutritional veggies and proteins that are already cooked. Fresh & Easy aims to include as many seasonal vegetables as possible.

The website also allows customers to choose either low calories recipes or low carbohydrates, as well as excluding ingredients they do not want such as soy, wheat, mushrooms, nuts, pork, red meat, dairy, and shellfish.

High-quality fresh ingredients ensure that customers will have a great experience when subscribing to the newest meal kit from Home Chef. Covering more than classic American cuisine, clients will save money as they can have their favorite dishes served in the comfort of their own homes. 

Organic & Sustainability Focus

In comparison to other brands, Fresh & Easy uses more plastic in their packaging which is not quite ecological. However, given the benefits offered (i.e. ingredients being portioned for every meal and pre-prepared), they are still sustainable when it comes to recyclable bags or containers that keep the products fresh, meaning that the responsibility of recycling is turned to the buyer. Therefore, the intensive use of plastic wraps needs to be responsibly disposed of using the right facilities to minimize waste. Alternatively, the packaging can be reused for future purposes. 

Customer Support & Benefits

Home Chef’s Fresh & Easy offers a lot of support to their clients, the first being the FAQ section which covers topics such as Data Security, Placing and Editing Orders, and Shipping and Delivery. In the unlikely event that your query continues to remain unanswered, you can instead contact the support team through any one of the contact methods available. A representative can resolve your issue at any time between 9 AM to 6 PM (CST) from Monday to Friday.

Home Chef also provides an extensive kitchenware collection selling state-of-the-art pans, pots, knives, and other kitchen accessories. They are perfect for acquiring the perfect sear on meat, reducing and thickening sauces, and even cooking pasta and vegetables. These culinary tools are a great investment if you plan on spending more time in the kitchen.

You can share your positive experience with Fresh & Easy by sending gift cards to close friends and family, whilst promoting a healthier lifestyle. Home Chef also offers discounts for bulk orders if they are contacted with more details. 

Lastly, the Table is the official Home Chef blog which offers wide access to great recipes and drinks, how-to guides, and other useful information for expanding on your cooking skills in the kitchen.


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