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About Green Chef

HelloFresh bought Green Chef in 2018, but it was initially founded in 2014 by Michael Joseph. Green Chef is now the ‘Number 1 Meal Kit’ for eating well and reaches out to those who want to start eating organic food or follows strict diet plans such as paleo, gluten-free, or keto, but does not have time to buy or prepare their meals during the week. Green Chef’s has a comprehensive range of meals which can be prepared within 30 minutes.





  • Easiest way to eat keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or pescatarian
  • The Only true Keto Meal Kit
  • Healthy, high-quality ingredients
  • Uses certified organic ingredients
  • Easiest / Best way to learn how to cook for a healthy lifestyle


  • Difficult to choose recipes from other plans
  • Meal plans available for max. 4 family members

Key Highlights

  • Uses organic ingredients that do not contain pesticides, sewage sludge, growth hormones, antibiotics, GMOs or irradiation. 
  • The boxes from Green Chef contain prepped and pre-measured ingredients, but also pre-made sauces for marinades, and spice mixes.
  • 4 different plans to choose from (Paleo, Keto, Plant-Powered, Balanced Living).
  • Delivery fee of $7.99 per box and can be scheduled between Monday to Saturday.
  • Allows customers to customize their meals to meet special dietary requirements.
  • All email inquiries are replied within 24 hours.

Plans & Pricing

Green Chef’s prices vary depending on the plan you chose and how many people it will feed. Majority of Green Chef’s plans are prepared for 2 people, a box contains 3 dinners which means 6 meals per box. The most common plans and prices are as follows:

  • Paleo Plan – Costs $12.99 per meal. Provides high-quality, sustainable protein sources, and excludes soy, grain, gluten, and dairy.
  • Keto – Price starts at $12.99 per meal. Includes keto-friendly dishes that makes this diet less complicated.
  • Plant-Powered – Price starts at $9.99 per meal. Perfect for both vegetarians and vegans, and provides professional-quality plant-based meals with a decadent touch.
  • Balanced Living – Price starts at $11.99 per meal. This plan masterfully combines all sources of nutrients, resulting in diverse options for all preferences.
  • Family Plan – Price starts at $10.99 per meal. Contains a box with 2 dinners for a family of 4 members (meaning 8 meals per box). It offers dishes that are loved by the entire family. This is a beneficial option for groups with small children as it encourages them to eat healthier.

These prices do not include shipping or packaging. Green Chef accepts payment made through any major credit and debit cards and PayPal. 

Ingredients Quality

All the ingredients are subjected to thorough checks before cooking to ensure they are fresh and of high quality to help increase customers’ wellbeing. Green Chef aims to provide organic ingredients, but this will depend on the availability, for example, there’s no wild salmon or sea salt that is certified organic.

If certified organic ingredients are not available, Green Chef will carefully select alternative produce which are just as fresh and nutritious. 

All non-organic products such as rice, sauces, breads, pasta or proteins will be labeled according to USDA standards. 

Delivery Service

Green Chef has a delivery fee of $7.99 per box. In terms of delivery service, the brand ships to most states in the US, however this excludes Alaska, Hawaii, and some areas of Louisiana.

The delivery schedule is available 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday, but customers can choose the day they want the package to arrive from a selection of available dates, according to each region. Deliveries are made between 8 AM and 9 PM. 

The meals arrive in a cardboard box which contains ClimaCell for good insulation. This material is made of plants and is recyclable, thus helping to protect the environment. 

The advantage of these packages is that the food is kept in the ideal conditions, being completely safe to cook and eat 5 days after arrival. However, recipes which contain seafood must be consumed earlier, the recommended time is 3 days after delivery, because they are not as durable and spoil much faster.

Recipe Variety

The company offers a range of meals based on a number of diets. Most of the time, people choose less healthy food options because it is very difficult to get all the ingredients needed to create healthier meals, not to mention the prep is longer too. Green Chef comes to the aid of those who do not have time to cook but want to live a healthier lifestyle, by sending customers the direct ingredients and measurements with guidelines on how to prepare a delicious and nutritious meal.

Green Chef’s meals can be adapted to suit every person’s individual needs. In addition, if the customer decides that the diet plan is no longer suitable to them, the brand allows them to change their weekly options, so it continues to reflect on their evolving preferences. 

Another advantage is that Green Chef meals also contain exotic dishes, which encourages people to explore and try new dishes. Children are not used to eating the same meals several days in a row, which is what makes Green Chef’s diet plans suitable for them.

Unlike other companies, customers do not need to buy additional spices because they come included in Green Chef’s boxes, for instance, they provide paprika, ground fennel, ginger, and more. Therefore, the price of a food plan is justified because there is no need to order other supplies such as spices or sauces. 

Organic & Sustainability Focus

There is a growing number of companies who are refusing to consider the welfare of the environment when conducting their business. However, Green Chef goes against this and has chosen to deliver their products only using green materials. When delivering seafood, Green Chef choose only sustainable sources and all packaging is also recyclable. 

One of their policies is to balance carbon emissions with sustainable programs which is done by partnering with the Plastic Bank and Sustainable Packaging Coalition. The company is passionate to save the trees in the local communities. 

The characteristic of Green Chef products is that they are certified according to USDA standards, and these foods are gluten-free. 

Customer Support & Benefits

Green Chef values their customers and offers one of the best equipped and user-friendly websites on the Internet. They pay special care to people who use assistive technologies such as magnifiers, screen readers, or captions for videos, making the experience of cooking with them easier and a great experience. Green Chef fully intends to fulfil all needs; in case of specific questions, they can be contacted via email or phone during the usual business hours. The support team aims to answer all email inquiries within 24 hours. 

Furthermore, their support section features an FAQ page, which addresses common customer questions. They cover topics such as Subscriptions, Deliveries, New Menus, Meal Plans and Serving Size. All of this information saves time when it comes to deciding whether Green Chef is the best meal kit delivery solution. 




Contact Details

Phone: (888) 236-7295

Email: [email protected] 

Social Media: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook




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