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About HelloFresh

HelloFresh was founded in 2011 in Germany by Thomas Griesel, Dominik Richter, and Jessica Nilsson. Since then, the meal delivery service has expanded its offering across the US and UK, with the aim of providing fresh ingredients for casual cooking. The company’s head chef is Patrick Drake, who is responsible for developing a wide variety of meal kits to suit everyone’s dietary needs. From healthy and rapid recipes to vegetarian diets and families, HelloFresh can fulfil any need or preference with utmost quality and timely deliveries.





  • 22+ chef-curated meals to choose from each week
  • Cook Delicious, Hassle-Free Meals In 20~30 Minutes!
  • Flexible subscription options – skip a week at any time
  • Beginner and intermediate recipes
  • Pre-portioned fresh ingredients
  • Packaging made almost entirely recyclable and/or already recycled content


  • Do not cover larger family needs (up to 5) 

Key Highlights

  • Easy to follow recipes, making the company an excellent choice for beginner cooks. 
  • Three levels of cooking (plans) available, depending on the customer’s experience. With both intermediate and advanced cooking recipes, HelloFresh guarantees improvements in meal preparation skills. 
  • Delivers high-quality, fresh ingredients to their customers’ homes. 
  • Dozens of dishes that suit vegetarians, low-calorie diets, and other preferences, made of delicious and healthy ingredients that promise to boost wellness.
  • Mobile app is available to download for both iOS and Android devices, it is simple to use and navigate. The layout is similar to the website version.
  • Less prep for you AND less wasted food

Plans & Pricing

Their prices vary from $7.49 to $8.99 per serving. They have discounts available for larger orders, while shipping costs $7.99, which is the standard fee.

Recipes are categorized in 3 levels, from easiest to hardest to prepare, and organized as follows:

  • Level 1 Recipes – These are the simplest and easiest to follow that don’t require much experience as a cook or too many appliances. These require 1 or 2 pots and pans to cook the recipes. 
  • Level 2 Recipes – For those familiar with cooking, Level 2 recipes require more multitasking. Fortunately, this skill can be quickly learnt after some practice. 
  • Level 3 Recipes – These should be a delight to prepare, offering a lot more ingredients and new techniques. These recipes help customers to expand their culinary skills, bringing them out of their comfort zone. Customers should have basic cooking skills to master these recipes. 

Their menus and all of their included meals are on a weekly rotation, giving a lot of variety to their customers. For example, the Chef’s Menu has multiple choices and it is suited for those who follow a flexible diet. Vegetarians or those who follow strict calories or protein diets can adapt their plans to suit their needs. HelloFresh provides options for any individual’s diets or by covering 18 cuisines including American, Italian, Indian, and Asian.

HelloFresh has 4 types of meal plans:

  • Veggie – This plan contains seasonal ingredients, plant-based proteins and grains.
  • Meat & Veggies – This plan has the largest variety of fish, meat and seasonal ingredients.
  • Family Friendly – This plan has easy meals that are quick to prepare with a big variety of flavors to satisfy an entire family.
  • Low-calorie – This plan features a diversity of meals that do not exceed 650 calories, carefully created and approved by dieticians. 

HelloFresh has a lot of choices in choosing their meal kits, which is one of its biggest advantages:

  • Meal Plan for 2 people – Suitable for 1 or 2 people
  • Meal Plan for 4 people – Suitable for between 3 to 5 people

After choosing their plan, customers will be redirected to deciding which day they want their order delivered. 

Ingredients Quality

HelloFresh focuses on the freshness of their ingredients. From where they are picked to where they are cut, their chefs and sourcing teams work very hard in making sure that their customers receive high-quality ingredients, a prerequisite for creating fabulous meals. HelloFresh believes that for the meal to be delicious, the ingredients need to be paid the same amount of attention to where they came from as to where they are going. 

They have a few very strict rules about ingredients selection for their customers’ boxes. HomeFresh tries to support local farmers and aim to buy regionally as often as possible. All of their trusted and local suppliers respect regular quality controls. 

The recipes are meant to ensure nutrients and enough energy to last throughout the entire day, without adding too many unnecessary calories. The average meal has between 500 to 750 calories.

Vegetables and fruits are key for a healthy diet filled with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. As a result, HelloFresh has established these as an important part of their boxes.

Another key ingredient used by Hello Fresh is the protein. Meat and fish can be the most important ingredients in a meal to guarantee strength and stamina, so they make sure their protein sources are trusted and sustainable. In addition, whole grains contain more fiber and fatty acids and are considered to be healthier. Therefore, rice, pasta, and other products rich in carbohydrates found at HelloFresh are whole grain.

Furthermore, techniques based on low-fat cooking are used in all their recipes to maintain the original amount of nutrients found in your meal before cooking. This means that each recipe comes with little added fats such as butter or oil. HelloFresh boxes have unprocessed ingredients, and allergy-causing ingredients can be replaced or removed, so many customers with different allergies can also find suitable options. However, they cannot cater for special intolerances or allergies as they do not have a team specialized in this domain at this stage of their development. 

Everyday ingredients such as salt, pepper, and olive oil are not included in HelloFresh boxes because they are usually available in any household and recipes only require a pinch of each. 

Delivery Service

Home Fresh has scheduled weekly deliveries on any day that can be chosen by customers according to their preferences. Shipping has a fixed price of $7.99 and they cover all continental states, thus excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Every single order is carefully packed in a box with recipe cards and delivered directly to your doorstep. 

Each box is equipped with most of the necessary ingredients, except common household items i.e. butter, oil, salt and pepper, and kitchenware such as sharp knives, pots, strainers and pans.

Ingredients are nicely packed and labeled clearly. Pantry and dry items are stored in individual bags and carefully portioned for each meal. Meat and fish come in vacuum sealed bags to maintain its freshness.

Every meal comes with recipe cards which are easy follow, making the cooking process fun and straightforward. These steps are accompanied by photos as well as kitchen tips and tricks. 

The boxes have separate cards for ingredients that require more attention to prepare, such as steaks. On these cards, there are instructions on how to cook them and elaborated reasons why clients should follow these given guidelines. This ensures that anyone can cook their delicious meals, regardless of their experience in the kitchen. 

Recipe Variety

With numerous recipes, HelloFresh offers detailed visual cues of their meals to allure customers. Their online menu encloses different recipes with a professional plating. 

Diversity and freedom to choose is another excellent feature, which makes it impossible to not raise potential customers’ expectations, and it is also ideal for any diet plan and lifestyle. Even if your goal is to lose some weight or boost wellness, HelloFresh is still the recommended go-to meal kit delivery choice.

After creating an account, the customer can read the details of each available recipe before choosing it. HelloFresh has listed steps required to cook the meal, along with its nutritional information and ingredients, which makes it suitable for people who want to avoid certain products because of allergies or food intolerance, or simply those who are more conscientious on what they choose to consume. Thus, some ingredients can be removed or replaced for an additional charge; for example, those who are allergic to all seafood can replace the meat in a certain recipe with another of their choice.

Organic & Sustainability Focus

HelloFresh is a sustainable, trustworthy company that takes care of the environment. Meal kits are delivered in fully recyclable cardboard boxes and have very dividers made out of cardboard to separate each ingredient, making them quite orderly. Food is well insulated, and the packaging contains several ice packs to help maintain its freshness. The ice packs are also recyclable, and their contents need to be disposed of separately.

Customer Support & Benefits

For customer support, HelloFresh has an extensive self-help page on their website. Some of the common topics covered include how to select the meals, manage the week, and how to update personal data. For other inquiries, customers are welcome to contact the support team over the phone from 9 AM to 6 PM (EST), or simply use the chat function on their website. 

The website also provides useful resources for students, a detailed blog with tips, and an abundant recipe section. These are beneficial for individuals that are just getting started and want to advance their cooking skills. 

Lastly, HelloFresh has an insightful mobile app for its customers, which includes thousands of delicious recipes with easy-to-follow instructions and cooking videos that demonstrate a certain skill or offer tricks. The order can also be managed via the mobile app for increased convenience, and it is available for both Android and iOS users. 




Contact Details

Phone: 1-855-272-7002

Email: [email protected] 

Live Chat

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram




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