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There are thousands of glowing reviews online for Leaders, and that’s because this brand prides itself on catering to all business sizes. By choosing Leaders, merchants will benefit from a company which can accommodate a wide range of credit card processing needs. Merchants can choose to accept a range of methods, such as POS, in-store, online or mobile. 

Leaders has been providing low-cost hassle-free merchant accounts since 2000. If your business is looking to lower your processing costs or you’re getting up and running, the Leaders team walks you through a quick consultation process identifying the best pricing and equipment options to fit your needs. The real strengths of the Leaders team is the speed and flexibility you’re going to find. You’re not going to be locked into a one size fits all approach, you’re going to get the best merchant account for your business. They do not offer as much as Flagship in terms of customization or advanced solutions but merchants looking for simple and easy will find the right choice with Leaders.


Very Good


Best for 

  • A range of business sizes who want to offer a choice when it comes to payment methods
  • Online merchants looking to accept e-commerce banking
  • Small businesses who want an option for accepting credit cards
  • Merchants who carry a higher risk

Not suitable for 

  • Businesses in the porn, travel, marijuana and non-retail gun sales industries 
  • Merchants who don’t want to be tied into a multi-year contract


The pricing with Leaders is decided on a bespoke basis. This is because it will need to be adjusted according to factors such as the industry the business operates in, the amount of sales processed per day or month, and the type of business which is operating. However, some prices will remain in a fixed range (but are subject to variation based on the tier chosen).

For example, the PCI compliance fee associated with a standard contract can be up to $129 a year, while the monthly service fee is usually around $7.95. The charge for swiped cards tends to begin at 0.15%, and if keyed cards are being processed, pricing can start at 1.79%. As for reward cards, a surcharge is generally in place, and this has been reported to be around 2.39%. 

Contracts at Leaders tend to be three years in duration, and come with a 30 day trial period. This means cancellations are permitted within this initial time frame without any penalty. Once the trial has passed, merchants should be aware that there is a fee in place for early termination. 

One of the main perks with Leaders is the ability to purchase hardware directly from the secure payments site. As Leaders has a partnership with the Clover POS system, merchants can obtain equipment from a reputable name which is well-known in the industry.

Key Features

  • Provides POS systems with companies such as Banq and Clover. For example, Clover products on offer include mobile swipe system Clover Go and the Clover Station.
  • Accepts a range of transaction methods, including all major debit and credit cards, mobile app payments, ApplePay, AndroidPay and pin-based payments.
  • Willing to accept higher risk merchants – 98% approval rate with no startup fees.
  • EMV chip compatible credit card terminals and pin pads from Pax, Verifone and First Data. Terminals are available either on the go or stationary, making their appeal wider for multiple types of merchant. Merchants may even be entitled to a free terminal or pin pad from Leaders as a new customer.
  • Strict observance of PCI compliance. Leaders are PCI certified, so they are fully compliant and will help with measures such as secure transactions and fraud or theft protection. Encryption tools keep customer and merchant data safe.
  • Potential to be offered business loans or merchant cash advancements due to a direct partnership with Wells Fargo. People have reported being approved in two days, with the loan reaching them in as little as four days.
  • Offers Instant Accept POS software which is easily integrated with QuickBooks. Merchants can reduce accounting errors and increase the efficiency of their financial system. SSL technology is used to encrypt information and protect financial and customer data from fraud or hacking measures.
  • Provides paperless payroll from SimplyPaid (backed by Green Dot). Merchants can pay out quickly and easily to many locations, such as bank accounts, ACH payment, ApplePay, cash, check, PayPal or virtual debit cards.

Application Process

No in-person application is necessary with Leaders. Applications can be set up online and customer support can be contacted if there are any issues. To get started, the necessary documentation is a standard level of business information and proof of ownership. Documents can be scanned directly into the application form, with no need to use a printer.

Feedback on approval will generally be received within 3-5 business days. At this point, Leaders will provide the merchant with a password which can be used to activate terminal or ecommerce software. Once this step is complete, merchants will be able to start accepting credit card payments.

Customer Support 

The customer and tech support available with Leaders is second to none. Each representative aims to provide clear and hassle-free advice to help merchants resolve their issues. Support can be reached using a toll-free number or an online contact form. It’s available 24/7 and is split into general or tech assistance. 

Leaders assigns a dedicated representative to each merchant they take on, which is a nice touch. If this person isn’t available, a direct line is offered as an alternative. Representatives also engage in discussion with merchants about the best pricing model for their situation, ensuring a cost-effective option is provided.


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Contact Details 

Phone: (800) 376-2809

Email: Online web form or live chat


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