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About NutriSystem

NutriSystem can trace its history back more than 45 years and during that time, it has established itself as a leader in the weight loss industry and helped countless people to achieve their goals. The company offers a variety of weight loss plans that are easy to follow and built around eating frequent small meals. Many of the company’s plans require customers to eat up to 6 times a day including snacks and this way, they ensure that people do not feel deprived. Not only is NutriSystem able offer customized plans, but customers will also have access to weight loss counselors, nutritional experts, and more. The plans are very affordable and there is such a large range of foods on offer so almost everyone will be able to find plenty of appealing options.


Very Good



  • Affordable and customizable plans
  • Huge range of meals and snacks
  • Free access to weight loss counselors
  • Plans suitable for vegetarians and diabetics


  • Limited information available on ingredient sourcing
  • Have to order four weeks’ worth of food at a time

Key Highlights

  • Food plans that can be tailored to an individual’s weight loss goals and nutritional needs.
  • An enormous range of meals and snacks on offer, more than 160.
  • Free consultations with weight loss counselors and nutritionists to help design plans.
  • Food that requires little-to-no preparation before eating.
  • Free mobile app to track progress and receive further tips and support.

Plans & Pricing

All of NutriSystem’s plans and meals are designed by nutritional experts together with chefs to maximize the health benefits and ensure that the food is delicious. The company offers three basic plans to choose from, each of which lasts for 4 weeks and offers a great deal of customization. There is the Basic Plan, which starts at $8.46 per day, the Uniquely Yours Plan, which starts at $10.36 per day, and the Uniquely Yours Ultimate Plan, which starts at $12.50 per day. The plans are available in 3 versions; for men, women and diabetics, and they are adjusted to reflect the differing calorie and dietary needs. It is also possible to add 28 weight loss-supporting shakes to any of the plans for $79.98.

The Basic Plan has two menu options; Chef’s Choice, which sees the meals chosen by the service, and My Choice, which sees customers choose their own meals. In both cases, the first week contains specially selected meals and snacks to help accelerate weight loss. The plan includes 5 days of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks per week.

The Uniquely Yours Plan includes everything from the Basic Plan but it has a menu of 160+ items to choose from (rather than over 100 in the Basic). The Uniquely Yours Ultimate Plan differs in that it includes 7 days’ worth of foods per week. Another factor that sets these two plans apart is the Personalize It option. This will match the plan to the customer’s body type, weight loss goals, and food preferences. When choosing this option, customers will be asked to provide details including their age, the amount of weight they want to lose, their body shape, how much exercise they do weekly, and information on what they like to eat, such as sweet or salty.

NutriSystem also offers a Vegetarian plan that starts at $10.36 per day. It works in the same way as the Basic Plan and has over 90 different menu options.

There are other plans advertised on the NutriSystem website, but they are essentially variants on the three main plans described above. For example, there is a Partner Plan, which provides food for 2 people and costs $74.99 per week per person.

Ingredients Quality

NutriSystem’s aim is to provide people with healthy, nutritious food that will aid their weight loss; something that would not be possible without the use of high-quality ingredients. The meals are designed to provide the right mix of nutrients needed to stay healthy while losing weight. To that end, they are full of lean protein, high in fiber, contain low-glycemic carbs to stabilize blood sugar, and do not contain any artificial sweeteners or flavors. A good example is the NutriSystem hamburger, it contains 240 calories and 8g of fat compared to 700 calories and 43g of fat in a hamburger from the fast-food chain Five Guys.

The actual ingredients are not GMO-free, but they are carefully selected by qualified chefs and nutritionists to ensure that they are as healthy as possible. The company does its upmost to avoid particularly unhealthy ingredients and has even published blog posts about it. For instance, they believe that foods should never contain high fructose corn syrup (a common food sweetener), hydrogenated oils (a type of preservative), monosodium glutamate (a flavor enhancer), and aspartame (an artificial sweetener). The company’s commitment to healthy weight loss diets means that customers can be sure that it only uses ingredients of the highest quality.

Delivery Service

NutriSystem’s delivery is free but the chosen delivery option will affect the price of the plan. There are 2 options; One-Month Shipment, which is a one-off order, and Monthly Auto-Delivery, which is a multi-month subscription and reduces the daily cost of the plan by 35%. However, regardless of which option is chosen, a month’s worth of food is delivered at once and delivery takes between 1 to 10 business days (NutriSystem claims that the majority of shipments are delivered within 7 business days). Each order comes with a tracking number so that it is easy to follow its progress.

Those using Auto-Delivery can customize or delay the order at any time. However, there is a two-month obligation in order to retain the 35% discount. Those who cancel after the 14-day money-back guarantee and prior to paying for the second month will have to refund the discount. The orders themselves can be changed at any time before 6 PM (EST) on the day before the next delivery is sent.

The Uniquely Yours, Uniquely Yours Ultimate, and Vegetarian Plan orders that contain frozen foods are sent in 2 separate shipments; frozen foods and non-frozen foods. The frozen foods are packed in a specially designed cooler with dry ice to keep everything frozen for around 6 hours after delivery, so customers do not have to be at home to receive the order.

The food itself comes with very simple preparation instructions. Many of the meals simply need to be heated in the oven or microwave for a few minutes, others can be consumed straightaway. All of the food comes readily prepared so there are no recipes to follow.

Recipe Variety

NutriSystem offers an astonishingly large range of recipes for each of its plans. The Basic Plan has the choice of 100+ meals and snacks, whereas the Uniquely Yours and Ultimate Plans have more than 160 on offer, and the Vegetarian plan has over 100. It is necessary to select a month’s worth of food at a time when ordering, but many may prefer to go with the Chef’s Choice option or the Personalize It option, which removes the need to make choices as the chefs will adapt the meals accordingly based on your goals.

Each of the plans is designed to cover breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, and the range is truly impressive, ensuring that everyone will find plenty of food that appeals to them. When ordering, it is possible to filter the options by categories such as Burgers, Melts & Sandwiches, Tastes of Italy, Soups, Stew & Bowls, Chicken Dishes, Seafood, Dishes, and more. While NutriSystem does not offer plans for those with allergies or on a gluten-free diet, there are also filters such as Lactose Intolerance, Tree Nuts, Spicy Food, and so on. This means that people are easily able to find foods that fits their dietary preferences.

Organic & Sustainability Focus

NutriSystem have worked hard to reduce their environmental impact. All of the frozen food items are delivered in expanded polystyrene made with up to 75% recycled content and the coolers are 100% recyclable. In terms of its meals, very few of them contain preservatives and none include artificial flavoring. While the food is not certified GMO-free, it meets the strict regulations and guidelines from U.S. federal agencies.

Customer Support & Benefits

There are many benefits to NutriSystem beyond the food. Customers can reach Weight Loss Counselors via telephone, email and chat to consult on weight loss goals, meal plans, exercise, and more. There is also a Nutrition Support line that customers can turn to for help with specific nutrition questions and meal plan adjustments for special dietary needs, such as food allergies.

It is very easy to reach customer support at NutriSystem. The support team is divided into sections such as Sales, Customer Service, Program Consultants, Nutrition Support, and Weight Loss Counselors. The company’s telephone lines are open from 8 AM to 8 PM (EST) on Mondays to Fridays and 9 AM to 5:30 PM (EST) on Saturdays and Sundays, except for the Sales line, which stays open until 11 PM (EST) on weekdays and 10 PM (EST) on weekends. Sales and Weight Loss Counselors can also be contacted through the live online chat during the same hours, while all departments can be reached via email.

Customers will also have access to the NuMi mobile app, which can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices, and contains further helpful resources and support. It allows customers to track their food, activity and progress. The company also runs weight loss challenges with prizes through the app and offers discounts and freebies. With NuMi, customers can further view quick and easy recipes, as well as expert tips and articles regarding weight loss and how to live a healthier lifestyle.

The help section of the NutriSystem website is called The Leaf. It is essentially a blog that is divided into four sections; Weight Loss, Recipes, Inspiration, and Programs. Each is packed with interesting articles and more are published on a very regular basis. The Leaf also has a large FAQ section and it is an excellent tool for those who need help with NutriSystem or have further questions about the service.


Very Good


Contact Details

Address: NutriSystem Inc., 600 Office Center Drive, Fort Washington, PA 19034

Phone: 1-800-585-5483

Phone (Sales): 1-800-435-4074

Email (Weight Loss Counselors): [email protected]

Email (Customer Service): [email protected]

Email (Program Consultants): [email protected]

Email (Nutrition Support): [email protected]

Email (Sales): [email protected]

Live Chat

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest


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