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PaymentCloud is a credit card processing service designed for high-risk merchants. It is ideal for businesses that want a reliable and cost-effective CCP solution with a quick and guaranteed approval. PaymentCloud provides merchants with a high-quality credit card processing experience, from their hands-on approach during the application process to the intensive support that is available all day, every day. It is suitable for businesses in both retail and e-commerce solutions. 




Best for

  • High-risk businesses seeking wholesale rates
  • Online e-commerce sites
  • In-store businesses which are looking to include NFC (contactless) payments

Not suitable for

  • Low-risk merchants


There aren’t any specific pricing details that can be found on the website of this merchant account provider, so merchants have to make contact directly with the provider for a quote if they want to use the services of this CCP system. The rates will certainly be different from business to business. This provider takes into account a wide range of factors, such as the size of the business, the risk level, and the exact services that the merchant looks for from this credit card processing system.

Because PaymentCloud mostly offers its services to high-risk businesses, the pricing can depend on many factors such as fraud and charge-rates, the volume of the merchant’s sales, and so on. In addition, the per-transaction fees depend on the risk level of the merchant’s business. That being said, the main advantage this provider has over other merchant services is the probability that long-term contracts won’t be featured. Furthermore, all merchants get a free terminal when they set up an account, and other equipment or software can be leased.

Clients will find that the contract they are issued with will differ depending on the processor and bank they are set up with. This means the terms and conditions will vary depending on the bespoke deal offered by the customer representative. With low risk accounts, month to month plans can be issued, while high risk merchants are more likely to receive a longer term contract. This isn’t a set rule, however, as it has been heard of for some high risk merchants to receive a month to month contract. Clients can ask their representative if they want to be considered for a shorter term or month to month contract.

Key Features


  • Uses the well-known payment gateway. Alternatively, there is USAePay as a second choice, or clients can use most other established providers – as well as their own gateway if this is what they would prefer.
  • Integrates with a range of online shopping carts such as Shopify, 3D Cart, BigCommerce and many others.
  • Fraud prevention is taken seriously, and PaymentCloud provides clients with advice on how to choose a chargeback management service. They will also help with providing fraud mitigation services from established names such as 3D Secure.
  • POS systems are provided to clients. Many will find that a selection of options are shown so that they can choose the one which best meets their needs. 
  • Application guidance is offered as part of the process. PaymentCloud will ‘scrub’ a clients’ supporting documents, as well as their website, social media presence and so on, in order to identify any potential red flags that could impact their chances of approval. 
  • PaymentCloud will assist clients in becoming PCI compliant, with the bonus of no PCI compliance fee being included in this measure.
  • Bespoke system deployment is offered, which means that PaymentCloud will set up test transactions and similar features to ensure the service is fully operational. Detailed guidance is also provided when it comes to operating the payment gateway. 
  • A virtual terminal is provided, and especially recommended for mail-order merchants. This feature provides an additional benefit for those who want to manually enter transactions or email invoices to clients. With the addition of a USB-connected card reader, these terminals can also process card-present transactions. 
  • An account manager assigned to the client for the duration of their time with PaymentCloud. This person will act as the middleman when it comes to liaising with the bank and processor for as long as the clients’ account is active. 
  • Serves high risk industries such as adult websites, supplements, electronic cigarette merchants, credit repair businesses and more. Prospective PaymentCloud clients should note that this list is not exhaustive and is also subject to change, so they should speak with the service for the current prospects in relation to their industry.

Application Process

Applying for this merchant service is a quick and easy process. Prospective clients will be pleased to know that those who have just opened an account can begin to process credit card payments in less than 24 hours on average, which is very fast for any merchant service provider. 

The application process for this CCP system is very simple. In order to apply, the merchant simply needs to call the provided toll-free number to get connected to a representative. This person will then help the merchant through the entire application process. It will only take a few minutes to complete, and the acceptance rate for this provider is currently at 98%. This means that virtually all merchants are in with a chance of being accepted for a PaymentCloud account.

Customer Support

PaymentCloud provides the highest quality customer support to its clients. As mentioned, an account manager will be assigned to each merchant for the entire time they remain active with PaymentCloud. Account managers are capable of providing the exact fees and charges that clients would need to pay for PaymentCloud services, and they help to get clients through the application process. They are also available around the clock to answer any questions that the client may have.

Clients needing to get in touch with their account manager can do so via toll-free phone or email. Alternatively, there is an FAQ section on the site which clients can browse to find out if their query can be answered without the need for customer support. 




Contact Details

Phone number: 1-800-988-2215

E-mail: [email protected]




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