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Payment Depot is one of the most competitive brands in the industry despite its recent launch in 2013 (other brands have been in operation for decades). It is often regarded as the ‘Costco’ of credit card processing due to its membership fee plans. Thousands of businesses across the country are partnered with Payment Depot including Subway,, and Sprint, and altogether, there are 3M+ transactions made per month and $4 billion processed annually. As displayed on the brand’s website, their wholesale pricing saves merchants an average of $400 per month and it comes with a professional and knowledgeable customer support team. There are four personalized pricing plans available (with a minimum of two free equipment provided) to suit every merchant’s needs. Overall, this membership-based payment processor aims for client simplicity at affordable prices.

Best For

Payment Depot is exclusively available in the United States of America and appeals to a wide range of business sectors. It is highly recommended for:

  • Businesses that are in operation all year-round or infrequently processing credit/debit transactions (recommended min. $10,000 per month).
  • High-volume companies as they will save more money with the subscription fee as opposed to interchange-plus pricing.
  • Offline establishments that want to evolve and include mobile payments in their offering.
  • US-based merchants that are seeking out either a standardized or customized pricing plan.




With Payment Depot’s membership fees, it indicates that there will be no negotiating, percentage-based mark-ups or rate increases, ever. There are four different and straightforward membership plans for merchants to choose from, the price ranges from $49 + interchange to $199 + interchange, per month. To get started on the application process, merchants can call the company and get two months free or request a quote. All plans come with the following features: rate protection, chargeback and risk monitoring, no hidden feesno cancellation feesno IRS fee, and next-day funding. Furthermore, the site boasts that merchants will save up to $400 per month with their wholesome and membership rates.

The first and entry-level membership is the “Basic” which is labeled as being great for new businesses. Its monthly subscription cost is $49 + interchange + 0% + a transaction fee of $0.15 (the transaction fee for this plan is the highest amongst the memberships at Payment Depot). The maximum processing volume limit is $25,000 per month (or up to $120,000 annually). This is the ideal plan for small businesses that are up-and-coming and gradually gaining more volume and consumers.

The second membership is the “Most Popular” and is recommended as the ideal plan for all businesses. Merchants would have a monthly subscription of $79 + interchange + 0% + a transaction fee of $0.10. The maximum monthly processing volume has increased by three times from the prior plan to $75,000 (or up to $480,000 annually). With this membership, it comes with the same features as the “Basic” as well as Data Breach Protection and Premier 24hr Support. It also comes with the free equipment – one of either a Gateway, Terminal or Mobile reader so you get more for this plan.

The next membership would be the “Best Value” which is targeted as being perfect for professional service providers. It costs a little more than the preceding plan with a monthly subscription of $99 + interchange + 0% + a transaction fee of $0.07. However, the maximum processing volume has jumped significantly to $200,000 per month (or up to $1.2 million annually). It offers the same features as a “Most Popular” membership with the addition of a free pin pad.

Lastly, there is the “Premier” membership which has a monthly subscription cost of $199 + interchange + 0% + a transaction fee of $0.05. To justify the price, it includes all the features to scale an Enterprise business and has an unlimited processing volume limit. The features and free equipment mentioned in the previous pricing plan are available with “Premier”, but one notable perk is a free terminal upgrade, every two years.

Merchants can cancel or change their membership plans with no penalties. As noted on the company’s website, Payment Depot is aware that a business’ needs can fluctuate, so they provide the freedom to switch plans at any time.

Alternatively, if none of the plans match the merchant’s requirements, then Payment Depot’s sales team will put together a quote that works for the business and create a custom plan. To utilize this option, merchants can get in touch with the sales team via telephone or email.

Key Features

  • Quick online signup, it takes up to 15 mins to complete and between one and two days for the application to be approved.
  • Utilizes First Data and TSYS as the backend processors for their reliable and robust service. Merchants will be placed on a TSYS platform unless they are already using a Clover POS line (which requires a First Data account). Payment Depot sets up and helps manage the merchant’s account.
  • Next-day funding with a cut time of 5 PM Central Time, so merchants will receive their funds the next day.
  • Partnered with Swipe Simple to provide card readers and a mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS machines. The app can easily be downloaded onto mobile and tablet devices.
  • Annual memberships are protected by a 90-day full-refund satisfaction guarantee.
  • Free gateway (including and virtual terminal.
  • eCheck processing i.e. online shopping cart integration.
  • Award-winning and dedicated 24/7 customer support.
  • Rate protection.


Payment Depot is PCI-compliant, meaning they strictly adhere to the industry’s standards for cybersecurity from managing their network to securing their Web and client applications. Unlike most companies that charge $100 or so to obtain their certification, with Payment Depot, there are no separate PCI compliance fees. Instead, it is proactively included in each membership plan where part of the membership price goes towards regular services that keep the merchant and consumer’s online data protected, such as security scans.

Customer Support

The customer support team at Payment Depot is ranked as being one of the best in the industry, it is available all-year-round at any time of the day or night. There is an informative FAQ section on the brand’s website discussing topics such as how Payment Depot differs from other credit card processors, and popular membership and equipment queries.

There are three options available for getting in touch with the customer support team: phone, email, and an online form. To request a free analysis for the merchant’s ideal plan or to receive a free quote, Payment Depot recommends going through the help team directly. Merchants can also connect with Payment Depot through their social media accounts for the latest news and advice on credit card processing and how to succeed in business.




Contact Details

Phone: (866) 791-9670

Sales Email: [email protected]




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