How it works – Guroo “Personalize” Calculator

1 Our expert team of reviewers will go out into the market to find and study the best service providers for all the products we compare. For each product, we assess the features that we believe are most important to consumers. For example, Compare Guroo’s rating formula for personal loans will consider the Application Process, Rates & Fees, Payment Terms and Customer Support.

2 Each feature is also given a weighting of how important our experts believe this feature should be when making a decision.

3 A final score is then determined for each service provider which determines our ranking.

4 Customize the ranking based on your personal situation using the Guroo Calculator. Read on to learn more.

  • Application Process = Very Important
  • Rates & Fees = Very Important
  • Payment Terms = Important
  • Customer Support = Somewhat Important

So what makes Compare Guroo different?

At Compare Guroo we understand that each consumer is unique and although our experts do a great job, we want to empower our visitors to make smart and personalized decisions.

With our proprietary technology, the Guroo Calculator, we make it easy for you to change the weighting or importance level and ensure the chart is ranked and scored based on your personal preferences.

  • Application Process
  • Rates & Fees
  • Payment Terms
  • Customer Support

Try it out!

Did you know

Decision algorithms are used by finance professionals in helping to determine how to best invest their clients money and also by large companies in comparing project opportunities.

We are bringing this same methodology to the mass consumer in simple and easy to use tools.