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May 26, 2021
About Credible Credible is a marketplace for student loan refinancing. Their are multiple lenders on Credible’s platform making it easy for borrowers to shop for great rates and repayment terms. It is one of the largest refinancing marketplaces in the US boasting a user base of more than 1.2m as of 2018. Credible Labs was founded in 2012 by Stephen Dash as a financial technology ...

Splash Financial

June 2, 2021
About Splash Financial Since its launch in 2013 by Steve Muszynski as a startup, Splash Financial has raised more than $12 million in venture financing. Based in Cleveland, the company was founded with the idea of minimizing the student loan burden. Steve started Splash Financial because of friends who were drowning in student loan debt and had nowhere to turn for help, knowing that if...


May 4, 2021
About, or the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority, was founded in 1982 by the Massachusetts state legislature. The primary mission of the organization is to be a self-funded state entity, which aims to help students secure financing for their tuition. also offers a range of other products, including refinancing options and savings plans. MEFA...


May 27, 2021
About Earnest Founded in 2013 by Louis Beryl & Benjamin Hutchinson, Earnest is a fintech lender with their headquarters situated in San Francisco. The company was later acquired in 2017 by Navient Corp. Earnest specializes in providing personal loans and student loans and refinancing student loans. With customizable plans, Earnest provides an easier alternative to repayments of bur...


July 1, 2021
About SoFi SoFi is a leader in the student loan refinance industry and has a strong base of more than 300,000 refinanced loans, amounting to more than $18 billion. The brand offers competitive rates for lenders with low debt to income ratios and a high credit score. Payment terms are moderate with limited flexibility on deferments, forbearance, etc. However, SoFi scores high on its sup...


April 28, 2021
About PenFed PenFed is a student loan refinancing company which is preferred by married couples who wish to combine their student loans into a single repayable cost. The full service name is Pentagon Federal Credit Union, and it issues loans from online lender Purefy.  The company has been out on its own sin...


May 11, 2021
About LendKey LendKey is one of the oldest fintech companies, focused on matching students who are seeking student loans and private student loan refinancing with banks and unions. Established in 2009, the award-winning brand has a strong base of more than 300 financial institutions including WSFS Bank, Navy Federal Credit Union, University Federal Credit Union, America First Credit Un...

NelNet Bank

February 18, 2021
About Nelnet Bank Nelnet Bank is a student loan refinancing service which is suitable for student borrowers looking to manage their repayments in situations where they didn’t graduate – or if they need some breathing space in terms of making payments.  Founded over 40 years ago, the provider aims to ...


May 21, 2021
About Lend-Grow Lend-Grow is a lending marketplace that connects borrowers with local lenders (like small banks and credit unions) to provide the low rates on student loan refinancing. These smaller institutions can compete more aggressively for your business, since they don’t have the large overhead of big banks. The company encourages people to pay down their loan faster by actuall...

Education Loan Finance

August 26, 2021
About Education Loan Finance Education Loan Finance or ELFI is student loan refinancing offered through the Tennessee-based bank known as SouthEast Bank. Education Loan Finance, Inc., the parent company of SouthEast Bank has more than 30 years of experience in Student Loans. Loans on behalf of SouthEast Bank are serviced by American Education Services or...