The Sirtfood Diet EXPLAINED!


What is the Sirtfood Diet?

Losing weight has become one of the priorities for many people nowadays given the extra pounds that many people attained during the isolation period. This has shed light on the Sirtfood diet, a relatively new meal plan that became popular as Adele credited her impressive weight loss to it. In the Oscar after-party photos, Adele seemed to have lost approximately 7 stones.

The new diet is recommended for anyone who wants to lose weight while consuming red wine and chocolate. The name comes from the research done on sirtuins (SIRTs) which is a group of seven proteins that regulate body functions, including inflammation, metabolism, and lifespan, according to a 2013 NCBI study. Certain foods that increase the level of these proteins have been called sirtfoods.

Sirtfood Diet Plan

The Sirtfood diet plan is a combination of sirtfoods and limited calories, encouraging the body to increase the production of sirtuins. The first phase is 7 days long and it is based on restricted calories and green juice, claiming to shed 7 pounds in one week. Three green juices per day are to be consumed, and another meal rich in sirtfoods. The top sirtfoods in the diet are kale, red wine, onions, strawberries, soy, olive oil, parsley, dark chocolate, and walnuts.

Phase 1 has a calorie intake of 1,000 for the first three days, followed by 1,500 calories per day. Phase 2 lasts another 2 weeks and there is no specific calorie count, but followers of this diet need to consume one green juice per day and three sirtfood meals. After the diet, these two phases can be repeated until the individual has achieved its desired weight. The allowed sirtfoods and what meals can be prepared are not so widely available as it is required to purchase the book entitled “The Sirtfood Diet” by Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten and follow the instructions provided.

Alternatives Choices for Effective Weight Loss


While the Sirtfood diet plan seems to be quite time-consuming and restrictive, Noom floats at the other end of the spectrum. It is an award-winning weight loss program with a complete package for anyone who wants to lose weight. The Noom app provides everything in one place, from coaching, to support, and motivation.

Noom is the latest trend in weight loss and comes with an appealing welcome offer for new clients. It is important to acknowledge that Noom’s main strength is its solid results that are obtained with the help of its health and wellness coaches who are approved by the National Consortium for Credentialing Health and Wellness Coaches.

The program is very flexible and focuses on promoting healthy eating. It does not have a specific menu. Rather, users input everything they eat and the app displays red, green, and yellow colors to indicate how healthy the food is. For example, green foods, like vegetables and fruits, contain the least amount of calories and are packed with nutrients. Yellow foods come with more calories, but they can be eaten moderately, such as dairy and meat. The red foods should be avoided and consist of desserts and processed foods, meaning that they pack the least amounts of nutrients and most calories. The red foods can still be consumed, but the app makes its users more accountable for what they eat.

Noom has been extensively researched and proved that it is efficient when it comes to shedding extra pounds. The journal Scientific Reports published a study in 2016 which collected data from 35,921 Noom users over approximately 9 months. They showed that 77.9% of Noom users lost weight. People who did not log in their dinner lost fewer points than those who used the app for all meals, so consistency is the key.


Another healthy alternative is NutriSystem, a trending weight loss program that debuted in the 1970s. It works by restricting calories while providing its customers with six small meals per day. To make this more convenient, NutriSystem provides pre-cooked meals. Their weight loss plans are highly customizable and are backed by science, both through clinical studies and a Science Advisory Board. All weight plans are developed by weight-loss coaches, certified diabetes educators, and registered dietitians.

With an appealing welcome discount for new clients, NutriSystem boasts up to 13 pounds and 7 inches lost in only one month, followed by 18 pounds and 11 inches in two months, and up to 22 pounds and 12 inches in the first 90 days. NutriSystem is extremely easy to follow, given the fact that they deliver portioned breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They offer snacks and a free NuMi weight loss app that contains prizes, fun challenges, recipes, tips, and much more. Apart from offering the entire weight loss plan, NutriSystem also educates their clients on how to achieve and maintain their desired weight.

All NutriSystem foods are based on a healthy version of usually processed foods, such as burgers. The recipes are specially crafted to be packed with nutrients, include lean protein, and have high fiber content. Furthermore, their meal plans aim to reduce sugar content in order to stabilize blood sugar and avoid insulin spikes.

NutriSystem is a 4-week program, but it can be repeated as necessary in order to achieve the target weight. The first week is different as it contains three meals, one NutriSystem shake, and one snack per day. The rest of the weeks contain six meals per day.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the Sirtfood diet might have become popular nowadays due to Adele’s spectacular weight loss. However, it might be difficult to adhere to all of its restrictions and ensure eating only the sirtfoods allowed. This can take considerable personal time away. Noom is a great alternative for anyone who wants to cook at home and be more accountable, and it is also backed by science.

For other busy professionals who prefer minimizing the time spent in the kitchen, NutriSystem is a viable option because it delivers already prepared meals. They also have numerous recipes and healthy remakes of popular foods that are usually highly processed. According to recent studies, both Noom and NutriSystem offer more effective and healthier weight loss results, and they are flexible and straightforward.

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