Why partner with us?

We want to create loyal members by giving them a place they want to spend their time and meet their purchasing needs by providing them with Innovative technologies and experiences.

  • Real Ratings and Scores

    Ratings and scores that are researched and ranked based on set and transparent criteria.

  • Consumer Behavior Insights

    Gain insights into what consumers really want and value at scale.

  • Brand & USP Awareness

    Focus customer acquisition on the USP’s of your brand.

  • Maximum LTV and Focused Marketing Spend

    High value customers and brand confidence leading to lower churn.

“The more potential for regret, the more likely consumer are to churn their account” – Daniel Kahneman”

The Science behind it

People are bad at making decisions due to the influence of countless cognitive biases. This leads to suboptimal decisions when making purchases and lower utility on consumers hard earned dollars.

When it comes to investing money consumers have investment advisors and Robo Advisors to ensure they maximise utility from their hard earned Dollars. At Compare Guroo we believe when it comes to spending money, consumers should also have an advisor, a decision advisor (or Guroo) to ensure maximum utility from purchasing decisions along with peace of mind.

We are unleashing the power of data for the masses. Decision algorithms have been used for decades in investment decisions and by enterprises in investment opportunity comparisons. We are bringing this same methodology to the mass consumer in simple and easy to use tools.